in Šumava in stylish cottages with a view of the countryside

Three cottages

You can find them by the road right outside the village of Děpoltice (altitude of 650 m) surrounded by sprawling orchards at the foot of the mountain Prenet (altitude of 1071 m). Three cosy wooden cottages at the very edge of the Šumava conservation area with a broad view of the countryside where the foothills end and the mountains begin.

We like it a little wild – don't expect an English lawn here. Good boots, a headlamp and jacket will come in handy, even in the summer.


This cottage with panoramic windows and a spacious terrace is reminiscent of an ship floating above the countryside.


Hruška, největší z domečků s modřínovou stěnou, panoramatickým oknem a prostornou krytou terasou. Velkorysý otevřený prostor se dvěmi patry, vhodný i pro rodiny s dětmi.


An eccentric fellow with a strip of windows to the east and west, off to the side past the old willow next to the grazing flocks.